Top Java 9 Features

Late on July 2017, Java 9 (Open JDK) is released. With Java, there is some of the best important features is also released. In this article, we’re going to look some of them best features of Java. JShell: Java 9 REPL (Read Eval Print Loop) JShell is the command line tool which included Java in Java […]

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Selenium vs QTP/UFT

How to Choose the Right Selenium Tool for Your Need Tool Why Choose? Selenium IDE To learn about concepts on automated testing and Selenium, including: Selenese commands such as type, open, clickAndWait, assert, verify, etc. Locators such as id, name, xpath, css selector, etc. Executing customized JavaScript code using runScript Exporting test cases in various […]

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A look on BDD – Behavior Driven Development

In software engineering, behavior-driven development (BDD) is a software development process that emerged from test-driven development (TDD). Behavior-driven development combines the general techniques and principles of TDD with ideas from domain-driven design and object-oriented analysis and design to provide software development and management teams with shared tools and a shared process to collaborate on software development. […]

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Selenium – An Introduction

Selenium is an open source tool which is used to Automate Web applications which is Application under Test(AUT) in order to perform Regression Testing of applications.Selenium is a suite of tools which is automate web browsers in different platforms,supports many languages,runs in different operating systems.Selenium suite is a combination of four tools. Selenium Components: Selenium […]

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Appium Architecture

You can check previous article Introduction to Appium Supported Appium Languages : Appium tests could be written in following languages. These are the extensions of WebDriver’s client binding and you would have to install the binding of your favorite language. Ruby – https://github.com/appium/ruby_lib Java – https://github.com/appium/java-client PHP – https://github.com/appium/php-client JavaScript – https://github.com/admc/wd Python – https://github.com/appium/python-client C# […]

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Introduction to Appium

If you have been working on selenium from then you may have come across AndroidWebDriver and Selendroid. Though both of them are limited to only Android devices. AndroidWebDriver has been deprecated in favor of Selendoid. But what if there were a library which can be used for both android and iOS devices or emulators. And […]

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Approach to Productiveness

 Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known. As a Software testers, or in any profession, we’re frequently castigated of being flat in our line of thought, lacking in smartness or frankly speaking being dumb altogether. To top of all, we frequently remind to think out of the box (like there is a […]

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