Setting up Android SDK

Android is a software package and Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. It is developed by Google and later the OHA (Open Handset Alliance). Java language is mainly used to write the Android code even though other languages can be used. The Android Software Developer Kit, simply named as Android […]

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Appium v1.6.5 Set up

We already have seen what is Appium in our previous article and also about the Appium Architecture. Now we’re going to set up Appium for running the test automation for the mobile application and in the mobile browser. Before moving ahead for the as the pre-requisites, you should already have installed Android Studio or Android SDK on […]

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Appium Architecture

You can check previous article Introduction to Appium Supported Appium Languages : Appium tests could be written in following languages. These are the extensions of WebDriver’s client binding and you would have to install the binding of your favorite language. Ruby – Java – PHP – JavaScript – Python – C# […]

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Introduction to Appium

If you have been working on selenium from then you may have come across AndroidWebDriver and Selendroid. Though both of them are limited to only Android devices. AndroidWebDriver has been deprecated in favor of Selendoid. But what if there were a library which can be used for both android and iOS devices or emulators. And […]

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