Approach to Productiveness

 Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.

As a Software testers, or in any profession, we’re frequently castigated of being flat in our line of thought, lacking in smartness or frankly speaking being dumb altogether.

To top of all, we frequently remind to think out of the box (like there is a box!).How ever creativity is not a super power you born with. The following are not a set of guidelines to become next Einstein, but will certainly aid you in your endeavor to become the next leader in field of testing.

Let’s talk about you’re experience as software tester (for 5 years of hardened testing professional), Now you think as a software tester your coding skills has nothing to worth today, right? , No Wrong. To grow in high league of professional, a developer’s insight into de-bugging problem is worth its weight in gold. So that old turns out to gold for you. Just sharpen those coding skills from your college time will help you adapt better and customise the use of a testing tools. For getting involved in any application or software development will throw you in ocean of bugs which lead you to latest methodologies deployed towards making bug free software application today. When you actually working with manually test-cases, what you provide is excel sheet, enumerating the various guidelines from developer team and the requirement from the client. First of all throw it all out of window (not literally!!!), Pick pencil and a notebook (what you’ve done in your school) for while think about all the scenarios you can dish out in your mind. Jot them down and review. End of all this what do you have? A full dish of test cases without even take a look at the unremarkable list of client requirements.

It always better well to have an ear for the latest IN thing which the dev team is discussing with their mates. What latest tools and languages they are developing to make major efficiency gains and value addition in their product. Be in loop with them. Don’t only stop yourself with developers, maintain good relationship with designers (even if no girls in design team) and DevOps team. While you’re it, look out for the few dazzling gaps they are overlooking for, critical bugs which they encounter regularly. Try to fill out those gaps.

It’s essential to keep update with what your colleague are up to. One way of keeping up to date with latest trends through Social Media, being part of conference and forums. They say knowledge improves by sharing it further. Point is to share your own solutions while at the same time picking out from brains of others. Making your own ideas and building them up with others after reviewing them will unleash the productive and creative tester inside what you always dreamt to be.


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